Why we are looking for investors

We have created shares, in the form of dividends in the amount of 50% of the company's profit.

The product we created has successfully started to establish itself on the market, but like any start-up company, it needs sufficient financial resources for growth and expansion. Therefore, we decided to sell part of the shares of our company. We have created shares that will generate passive income in the form of dividends for all our investors, in the amount of 50% of the company's profit. This profit will be paid monthly. The Acechange product is more about the community, so we decided, as a token of trust, for an above-standard type of profit sharing.

What we do

Acechange has created a unique payment infrastructure that takes advantage of the uniqueness of blockchain technology, combines cryptocurrencies and classic fiat currencies, which together creates a system that has the ability to interconnect and combine payment methods without restrictions. This feature adds interesting value to Acechange. This scalability and flexibility predestines us to become a direct competitor to such a giant as VISA or MASTER CARD.

How to buy shares

The sale will take place exclusively in your profile on the Acechange page. In the dashboard section you will find a section dedicated to buying shares, see the photo below:
After pressing the BUY button you will get a form, fill it and send. You can pay directly from your wallet balance or by transfer to our bank account. After confirming the payment, we will credit the shares to your account and within 30 days we will prepare and send the contract and confirmation of the purchase of Acechange shares.


Sale of the shares will have 2 stages, while each stage will have a different share price. The first stage will have significantly discounted price.


3 USD / 1 share TOTAL FOR SALE 200,000 UNITS


12 USD / 1 share TOTAL FOR SALE 100,000 UNITS

A total of 300,000 shares will be sold together

Expected revenues

Acechange has the potential to become a market leader in transaction processing and in the area of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. To estimate the profitability of the project, we prefer a very pessimistic estimate. In case we manage to occupy only 0.25% of the market and we will only count international transfers, we can demonstrate profitability as follows:

According to the World Bank, international payments reached a monthly volume of USD 58 billion in 2018

Of which market occupancy at the level of 0.25% makes 150,000,000 USD per month

We would use this value as our estimated monthly trading volume with very low market occupancy

If we assume that we have at least 0.5% of the fee for each transaction, then our monthly sales are at the level of 750,000 USD

Costs such as staff, rental of premises, marketing, etc. would be approximately $ 175,000 with this trading volume. Even if we include a $ 50,000 reserve and a $ 25,000 reserve contribution in the cost, there is still $ 500,000 in net income. 50% of this amount ( = 250 000 USD ) will be earmarked for redistribution among investors in proportion to the number of shares. So if you own 1,000 shares, your monthly passive income will be $ 833 at $ 500,000 net income.

The data we used to make this assumption, were obtained from information published by companies dealing with transaction processing, statistical offices or other relevant sources.
Of course, it is only a rough estimate, it can change, but even if consider a large reserve in the estimate, it is possible to imagine the potential of the Acechange.io company.

Company name Year Monthly volume Annual sales Annual net profit Source
Transferwise 2018 5M USD 115M USD 8M USD CNBC
Western union 2018 unknown unknown $0.852B macrotrends



Monthly volume:


Annual sales:

151M USD

Annual net profit:






Monthly volume


Annual sales:


Čistý zisk ročný:




It is important to note that none of the companies have the capabilities, flexibility and speed to process transactions like Acechange.io.

Amount of shares

Shares in the total amount of 300,000 units are intended for sale. The sale will be divided into 2 stages

1st STAGE - 200K units

2nd STAGE - 100K units

When will I get the first dividents?

Our goal is to reward investors for their trust in the form of passive income. For this reason, we have offered such a small number of shares that will allow us to ensure good results in the amount of dividends paid. 300,000 shares were set so that the payout of dividends is attractive and profitable. The expected return on investment + profit is 1 year from the start of dividend payment, so a total of 3 years to pay the first dividends. At the same time, the sale of shares will be possible in 2 years. This investment is long term investment.

Every investor needs to understand that every startup is a risky investment and needs time and money to start making a profit. For this reason, the shares remain locked and non-transferable for a period of 2 years. We decided to lock the shares in order to protect the investor from the decision to sell the shares below their price, and thus get at a loss and also to give Acechange enough space for development and growth, which will ultimately be appreciated by you, the shareholders.


We will offer investors options of paying dividends by bank transfer or in Bitcoins.

Payment chronology

The correct setting of the payment of part of the profit is company’s protective means against the insolvency. Every company needs a sufficient financial reserve in case of unforeseen events or for expansion and time to create such reserve. For start-ups, this rule applies twice.

Therefore, we have set the protection rules for Acechange:

The shares remain locked for the first two years after the purchase.

After the first two years, it will be possible to sell or transfer the shares to another owner.

The first two years from the start of dividend payments will be paid annually.

After four years, the dividends will be paid monthly as the investor's passive income.