Why are we unique?

Acechange is unique in its approach to customers and the simplicity of the purchasing process. The entire process takes no more than 3 minutes, and throughout the trading time, you have access to a chat with a specialist who can help with all your questions. If you're a newbie, this is very important; they can assist with everything from security questions to tax inquiries (applicable in the EU). You will also find the best exchange rates in the market with us. Your fees are displayed transparently, without exchange rate manipulation, which most exchanges hide their fees by then claiming to have a 0% fee, which is misleading and unfair. ...We are not the largest in the market, allowing us to focus on quality and exceptional customer care. All this thanks to our unique way of processing transactions. Below, you can see how it works. (BMT money transfer is not yet launched.)

How BMT (Bitcoin money transfer) works

In addition to the convenient way to buy cryptocurrents on Acechange.io, Acechange.io also allows you to transfer money using the BMT (Bitcoin money transfer) system developed and put into practice by Vladimír Galba. This payment method uses bitcoin as a medium to move and cover fiat transactions, regardless of the payment method used or the location of the transaction. These transactions are processed by our local partners (agents).

  • Transaction sender

  • Partner

    Agent at the transaction sender's site

  • Partner

    Agent at the transaction recipient's site

  • Transaction recipient

For international money transfer using bitcoin (BMT) you need 4 entities:

  1. The sender of the transaction
  2. Agent at the sender's location Partner
  3. Agent at the location of the recipient of the transaction Partner
  4. Recipient of the transaction

When you register and create your first international transaction(remittance), in the order summary you will see the payment details where to send the money (pay) and at the same time the payment details you entered where you wish the money to be delivered. In BMT transactions, we use fiat currencies only as local currency, used to pay local agents, and bitcoin is used as a means of sending value between them and at the same time as coverage of the transaction. Our system always looks for agents as close as possible to the sender's location and the recipient's location. This way we can provide the customer with a very fast and cheap money transfer. Our system is set up so that the customer always sends and receives money using the same payment method that the agent has. For example, a customer sends PayPal to an agent's PayPal account, followed by a bitcoin transfer to the agent, who sends fiat money to the recipient of the transaction. The agent who sends fiat money to the payee also has the same payment method as the payee. This will make the transfer free of charge and instant, even during public holidays. In 98% of cases, you only pay the fee to the agent. Our system also offers you the opportunity to combine payment methods in various ways, for example you can send Western Union and receive PayPal or cash pick up and combine them in various ways. Every transaction on Acechange is covered by bitcoin and protected by escrow service. Step-by-step instructions can be found here. Join us and support the financial freedom of millions of people around the world.

How does buying and selling currencies work?

Acechange allows you to buy and sell your currencies PEER TO PEER, in a very simple and intuitive way. All the necessary data is available to you as soon as you open the order, then all you need to do is pay and confirm the payment and your crypto will be released into your wallet. The system is set up so that buying or selling currencies is very simple. The platform was developed by experienced PEER TO PEER traders, thanks to which our system is significantly simpler and faster than the competitions.


You choose:

  1. sale or purchase of currencies
  2. cryptocurrency
  3. amount
  4. country
  5. payment method

The system will automatically find the agent with the lowest fee and match your requirements from the previous step and open the trade for you. You can also select the agent manually or add advanced search options.

Acechange will provide you with an escrow service, which means that it will temporarily hold the cryptocurrency until the transaction is successfully completed and then transfer the cryptocurrency to your wallet.


When you make a payment as a buyer, you send fiat money to the agent's payment details and the agent releases the cryptocurrency into your Acechange wallet upon receipt of the transaction.

To sell a cryptocurrency, you must first deposit it in your Acechange wallet and the agent sends money to your payment details which you entered when creating the order, the cryptocurrency is released by you.



All transactions are available on blockchain, which cannot be manipulated.


Every customer can verify the transaction using blockchain, thanks to which the customer has unquestionable certainty about the execution of the transaction.


Bitcoin is compatible with all fiat currencies or payment methods and is able to operate anywhere in the world. We took full advantage of this feature and adapted the process by which Acechange processes transactions. This allows us to process transactions anywhere, anytime.


Our system is very fast due to the fact that sending and receiving fiat money takes place using the same payment method used by the customer. We have the largest database of payment methods, there are more than 6,000 of them on the market, but the search and routing of the transfer is fully automatic. Thanks to this, we can precisely direct your transfer so that your transaction is processed immediately and conveniently.

The price

Because the fiat transaction is made using the same payment method used by the customer, the transfer is usually free of charge. You only pay for the processing of the transaction to our local agent, thanks to which we can provide you with the best exchange rates. You always see the fees and exchange rates directly in the order before the transaction takes place.

Fiat transaction coverage - extra security

Acechange covers every fiat transaction with bitcoin, which gives the customer a higher level of security than other payment methods.


In the event of an adverse event, it is much easier for you to get your funds back, as you always send money only to an agent in your location. When you send money through a multinational corporation, the process of getting your money back is much more difficult.


We offer our customers extra privacy protection:

  1. All transactions are processed locally
  2. We use the sensitive personal data of our customers only when it is necessary for the operation of our service, you can read more here
  3. The customer will be informed of every request for information by state control authorities !!!