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How to buy bitcoin anonymously
step-by-step guide

Step 1: Select the amount and location (country)

We support over 6,300 payment methods which we are gradually adding to your location, so you can save on Bitcoin exchange fees. Enter the amount you want to spend on purchasing Bitcoin and you will immediately see how much BTC you will receive and what your fee will be. There are no hidden fees.

Step 2: Choose your payment method

Once you're ready, click the "Buy Bitcoin" button and you'll be taken to Step 3.

Step 3: Enter your BTC address

To purchase Bitcoin on acechange.io without KYC, you will need your crypto wallet. We recommend using Trust Wallet or Exodus and make sure to create and store a backup of your wallet. Once you buy Bitcoin on acechange.io, we will send it to the BTC address (wallet) you provided. Make sure you have access to it once the transaction is completed, there is no way to reverse it.

Step 4: Receive your Bitcoin

Once we receive your payment, we will automatically transfer your Bitcoin to the wallet you provided us. Please note that processing your transaction may take some time. If it takes longer than 120 minutes, please contact our customer support. For transactions under 1000 euros, we do not collect any data or information about our customers. For additional account security or for larger purchases on acechange, we recommend using a combination of TOR browser and VPN, although this may result in lower transfer speeds, it is normal. We also recommend using a different BTC address for each transaction. If you are missing a payment method in your locality that you would like to use, please contact our support and we will prioritize it.


How to make money online?

Become our partner and earn $100+ a day online

One of the possibilities is to become our partner and process financial operations in your location. You earn 70% of the total fee from each transaction. You earn in the same way as Western Union, but in addition to international transfers, you also offer the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies. The money is immediately available to you, no waiting, all transactions are processed instantly. You can work from home, open a branch or expand services in your business. The decision is yours, you work when you want and how much you want. Each of our partners earns 100 or more USD per day within 6 months. If you want to know more, click here.




Make money online with PayPal or SEPA or choose one from 6000 payment methods available.


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190,000,000+ annual volume

We never hold back the customer's money or cryptocurrency

We have partners in 30+ countries around the world.

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Safety is our priority

We protect your data and privacy by transparent and verified methods. On our page you will find instructions on how to safely store, sell and buy cryptocurrencies.


What is Acechange?


Acechange offers a money transfer service, as well as peer-to-peer buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. It is a partially decentralized service that has developed Bitcoin Money Transfer (BMT). You can learn more about this service here. Additionally, you can become a partner of Acechange.io and get a job as a financial operations intermediary. More information can be found here.

Can I really variously combine payment methods?


Yes, Ace Change is the only one on the market that offers you the opportunity to combine different payment methods! For example, you can send a PayPal and receive, for example, cash or any other payment method and combine them in various ways. We have more than 6,000 payment methods in our database, so you only need one Ace Change account and you can send money anywhere at any time without restrictions. Ace Change can also send or receive money using cryptocurrencies - for example, you can send Western Union payment using bitcoin while the process will take no more than 5 minutes. Buying or selling cryptocurrencies is also not a problem with us. With us, financial transfers are very simple, you just have to choose the payment method you want to pay and the payment method you want to deliver the money to your recipient. Enjoy the financial freedom, security and transparency that Ace Change offers you!

What is bitcoin remittance? (BMT)


BMT stands for bitcoin money transfer and it is the world’s most advanced technology in the field of finance. We took full advantage of the best features of bitcoin, such as transparency, speed, compatibility, and linked these features to standard fiat names. Ace Change uses bitcoin as a medium for the transfer of standard money, thanks to which we can ensure the transfer of money anywhere in the world faster and more securely than our competitors. At the same time, Ace Change uses BTC as a guarantee that your money is covered, which gives you extra protection, which neither the government nor the bank can guarantee for you. In practice, this means that no matter what unpredictable situation happens in your location, your money is always covered and you have access to it at all times.

What do I need to become an agent?


To become an Acechange agent, you need:
• Smartphone or computer
• Internet connection
• Cryptocurrencies (USDT, BTC) at the value you want to offer the money transfer
• Ace Change account at the agent level

We do not limit our agents in any way. Our agents determine the time when they want to work and the amount in which they will offer their services - already from 100 USD. But we try to limit the number of agents so that our agents receive as many orders as possible and are satisfied with the income that Ace Change will provide them. Therefore, if you are interested in the job, register as soon as possible while there are vacancies in your locality. In addition, we offer our agents legal service and assistance with all the permits needed to legally offer money transfers and the sale or purchase of cryptocurrencies at their location. The average fee for an agent to process a transfer is $ 8, but you set the fee yourself. You can have a stable fee or a fee depending on the amount of the transfer, ie as a percentage. The fee is your profit, which you can pick up immediately after the transfer! This is a big difference from the competition, which usually has a payday only once a month. Our goal is for agents and customers to be as satisfied as possible. We build our system so that each agent has a minimum income of at least $ 2,500 per month. Find out more here.

How to buy bitcoin for beginner?


If you are a beginner looking for a simple yet secure platform - you have found it. Acechange was created for beginners and professionals with a focus on security, simplicity, and customer data protection. Move up, enter the amount, choose your payment method, and press BUY. Then you will be prompted to enter your BTC address, pay, and within a few minutes, you will have BTC at your address. Simple, right? If you get lost, send us a message in our chat to our friendly support team for help. (The chat button is in the bottom right corner).

Is it safe to buy Bitcoin with acechange.io?


Yes, it is safe to buy bitcoins through Acechange, even safer than on standard centralized exchanges. We use an ESCROW service that guarantees the safety of your money. We are also a partially decentralized exchange and operate in a P2P manner. If you buy up to 1000 euros, we do not require any information from you, not even an email. Instead of promises, we have designed our exchange to protect customer funds in the maximum possible way, by not holding customer cryptocurrencies on our exchange, but by allowing each user to have their own wallet.

How to make money with cryptocurrency?


There are several ways to make money using cryptocurrencies. We will describe a few basic methods:

1: HODL (hold) - a one-time or regular purchase of cryptocurrencies, where you regularly check the cryptocurrency price. If the price of your cryptocurrency is higher than the price at which you bought it, you sell it at a profit. You can learn more about this method here.

2: P2P trader or transaction processor - your task will be to buy and sell cryptocurrencies to your customers in your location. The advantage is that as an individual, you can accept cash and use local banks, offering a service that even the best crypto exchanges on the market cannot provide. The business model is simple: you buy cryptocurrencies, which you subsequently sell to your customer with a fee. Fees vary by location and the service you offer. P2P traders often process international transfers (remittances) as well. P2P traders typically charge 1% to 10% for transaction processing. You can learn more information here.

3: TRADING - trading on an exchange. This requires you to have sufficient capital to trade on an exchange, such as Binance. Your task will be to buy cryptocurrencies cheaply and sell them at a higher price. You can find more detailed information here.

Remember that all of these options have their advantages and disadvantages. Some are more stable, while others are more risky. We highly recommend that you thoroughly understand and comprehend how cryptocurrencies work and how to protect them before deciding to invest or make money using cryptocurrencies. You can find a guide on how to protect your cryptocurrencies here.

Bitcoin jobs


One of the best options to get a serious and stable job related to Bitcoin is to become a P2P trader (agent). You can find a detailed guide and information here.

Cryptocurrency scams


The world of cryptocurrencies is relatively young, and it is clear that there have been various scammers here as well. Before you buy any cryptocurrency, it is essential that you understand how cryptocurrencies work, what risks are associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, what tools to use, and what to watch out for. We have prepared an article for you that will answer all of these questions and prepare you to become part of the crypto industry. You can find the article here.

Best cryptocurrencies to buy 2023


There is no correct answer to that. Of course, 90% of people who decide to buy cryptocurrencies want to profit from their purchase. However, no one knows which cryptocurrency is the right one and which one will actually increase its value by 1000%. If someone guarantees you that this cryptocurrency will make a profit of 500% in 2 months, they are either a liar or a fool. In fact, it is not possible to predict the future value of anything, and this applies tenfold to cryptocurrencies. That is the harsh reality. Therefore, we recommend that you do your own research, do not believe marketing slogans, diversify your portfolio, and invest only as much as you can afford to lose.How to choose the right cryptocurrency and what to watch out for can be found here.

What is peer to peer bitcoin exchange?


P2P kryptocurrency exchange is a platform where people can directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies without the need for a traditional exchange. This place is actually a decentralized or partially decentralized network where communication and transactions take place directly between two individuals. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies used for various transactions and their security is ensured by cryptography. The combination of P2P and cryptocurrency exchange creates a secure place for people who want to trade cryptocurrencies, and acechange.io is part of this group. For more information, please visit here.

What is the cheapest way to purchase Bitcoin?


The cheapest way to buy Bitcoin depends on several factors, such as location, payment method, and the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy. However, here are some general tips that can help you minimize fees and costs when buying Bitcoin:

1. Use a cryptocurrency exchange with low fees: Some exchanges charge high fees for buying and selling Bitcoin, while others have lower fees. You can compare the fees of different exchanges and choose one that offers competitive fees for your preferred payment method.

2. Avoid using credit cards: Buying Bitcoin with a credit card can be convenient, but it often comes with high fees.

3. Consider peer-to-peer (P2P) markets: P2P markets allow you to buy Bitcoin directly from other users, often with lower fees than traditional exchanges, and one such exchange is acechange.io.

Remember that the cheapest option may not always be the safest or best, so do your own research and choose a reliable and secure way to buy Bitcoin. Acechange charges a fee of 0.3%, but other fees, such as transfer fees, are not controlled by Acechange and we cannot influence them.

Do I need any special equipment or software to buy Bitcoin?


You don't need any special equipment or software to buy Bitcoin, but there are some things you should have:

1. A device with internet access: You need a device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet with a stable internet connection.

2. A Bitcoin wallet: You need a digital wallet to store your Bitcoins. You can choose from various wallets such as hardware, software, or online wallets. Read our review here.

3. An account on a cryptocurrency exchange such as acechange.io.

4. Choose a payment method: You need a payment method to buy or sell Bitcoin. Most exchanges accept credit cards, bank transfers, and some even accept cash, such as acechange.io or other digital payment methods.

5. Security measures: Back up your wallet, use two-factor authentication and strong passwords.

Overall, buying Bitcoin is relatively simple and straightforward, but it's important to do your research and follow best security practices to protect your investment. This article can also help you.

Should I buy Bitcoin to get rich?


The answer is YES, but nowadays, if you decide to buy BTC with the goal of getting rich, you need sufficient capital and a great deal of patience. You must be prepared to have your money invested in BTC for several years, and you may even lose your investment completely, especially if you are a beginner and underestimate basic security measures. We also do not recommend investing to people who are not financially secure enough. You can learn more about getting rich by buying BTC here.

Why is it important to buy Bitcoin without KYC?


Buying without KYC is the safest way to buy cryptocurrencies. There are several reasons for this, among the most important being the fact that exchanges are required to share information about their customers with tax authorities, police, and state bodies. This means that in addition to your data being in various state institutions, it will also be on the exchange, which significantly increases the risk of personal data misuse in the online space. It is important to move as anonymously as possible. The best way to protect your personal data is not to share it at all.

Can I purchase $100 of Bitcoin?


Yes, on Acechange you can buy BTC from as little as 10 euros up to a maximum of 1000 euros without KYC. If you create a profile and go through our KYC process, your limit for buying or selling cryptocurrencies will be unlimited.