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Send money cheaper and easier than old-school payment system.

At Ace Change, you are sending money at the real exchange rate with no hidden fees.

Send money
cheaper and easier

With us, you use world's most modern technology in the field of finance.

World’s most modern technology

We do not restrict you or the payee in the choice of payment method. You can combine more than 6 000 payment method with us in various ways.
For example, you send PayPal and your recipient can pick up cash at the other side of the world.

No restrictions of payment method

With us, you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies directly to your private wallet and you have it immediately and without unnecessary fees.

Buy or sell cryptocurrencies

Send money to over 200 countries and territors worldwide.

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About Ace Change

We are the most modern transaction processing service in the world.

Just create an Ace Change account and you can transfer money and buy or sell cryptocurrencies by any payment method. With Ace Change you can send and receive Western Union, PayPal, SEPA, cash pick up and virtually any other payment method and that’s not all!

Combine payment methods in various ways

Ace Change also offers you the possibility to combine payment methods in various ways, for example you can send PayPal and your recipient can pick up cash at the other side of the world, while the whole transaction takes no more than 5 minutes. Our database embraces more than 6,000 payment methods but we paid attention to simplicity when developing Ace Change, and therefore the processing of the transactions is very simple and user-friendly.

No hidden fees or other surprises with you!

Our transparency is unquestionable thanks to blockchain technology, and since sending and receiving transactions are governed by your bank or payment method, your transfer will be cheap and instant, anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Ace Change account and the door to the whole financial world will open for you!

Our support is the best
on the market

  • Customer support is available immediately after opening the order
  • No annoying waiting on the phone line or for e-mail
  • The agent is always happy to answer any question, immediately and without waiting
  • Our support always speaks your native language
  • The agent will also offer you basic education in the field of cryptocurrencies or international transfers

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Support the financial freedom of millions of people around the world.

Start offering money transfers or buying and selling cryptocurrencies on your site as a transaction broker using the world’s most advanced and transparent cryptocurrency and trading technology. We offer you more than 6000 payment methods, thanks to which we can precisely target your needs so that we save time and money for you and your customer. We will help you with all the resources and advice you need to succeed.

World’s most advanced technology

More than 6000 payment methods

Best online support

First-class safety
on the market

We protect your data, privacy and your money with the top partners in the market using the most transparent methods available.

Lets answer some of
your questions

What is Acechange?

The journey of Ace Change began in 2018. When creating it, we aimed to facilitate the transfer of money in a transparent way and to provide customers with education and access to cryptocurrencies at the same time.

Many big problems in the world revolve around money, specifically making money and transporting it. Sending money around the world is not fast, not cheap, not secure and unavailable in many parts of the world, but Ace Change has changed that. We can adapt to our customers thanks to our unique payment system, which connected fiat currencies and bitcoin. Thanks to bitcoin, which acts as a medium through which fiat currencies are moved around the world, our payment system is fast, transparent, secure and adaptable. In addition, it can accept any payment method and operate anywhere in the world. We are closer to customers than any other payment method. At Ace Change, we care about the protection of data and privacy of our customers. We collect only the most necessary cookies, we do not use any third party for customer verification and we securely encrypt our customers' data. You can read more about how we protect you here. We give our users absolute control over their money and the customer always gets a clear and quick answer from us. Ace Change brings you freedom, security and transparency in the world of finance.

Why is this the better way?

We support all countries and payment methods of the world, our service adapts to you - the customer, and your needs. As the only one in the world, we allow our customers to combine payment methods in various ways, for example, you can send a Pay Pal and your recipient can accept Western Union. You can choose from more than 6000 payment options. Our system is very simple and intelligent at the same time, which will guarantee you a user-friendly experience without unnecessary additional registrations and a very fast transfer without unnecessary questions. Your transfer will be very convenient anytime, anywhere. We at Ace Change are fully aware that when you send money to your family or friends, speed and security play a major role, so we never block a user or their money! With us, the client has constant access to their money, immediately, always and without compromise. Another undeniable advantage is that if you have an Ace Change account, you can send money to any other payment gateway, so you do not have to register for each one separately. If you want to send a payment to PayPal, Western Union, bank transfer, or any other payment method, all you need is one AceChange account, with which you can immediately send money directly to the payment method of your choice. We are pleased that after 3 years of development, Ace Change can offer you security and speed in the world of finance without compromise.

How does Face to Face work?

Face to Face is one of the best payment options. In addition to receiving your money in cash, without the use of a third party, you can use this payment method anywhere in the world and it works very easily. As an example, let's take an international money transfer: when you switch to an international money transfer in your main menu, the system will gradually ask you how you want to send money and how you want your recipient to receive the money. You can combine payment methods in various ways. As an example, let's say you want to pay by bank transfer and you want your recipient to receive cash (Face to Face). When filling out the order, you choose bank transfer as the payment method to pay and Face to Face as the payment method to deliver the money to the recipient. With the Face to Face payment method, the system asks you to which state and city you want to send money to, and then offers you various locations in that city where our agents offer their service. Then just select the street or location closest to your recipient and the system will open the order. After payment, all you need to do is get your recipient to the point of collection. All details, such as time, exact location, telephone number of the agent, can be found in the order. As soon as your recipient receives the money, you will receive a notification of the receipt and the transaction will be successfully completed.

>Can I really variously combine payment methods?

Yes, Ace Change is the only one on the market that offers you the opportunity to combine different payment methods! For example, you can send a PayPal and receive, for example, cash or any other payment method and combine them in various ways. We have more than 6,000 payment methods in our database, so you only need one Ace Change account and you can send money anywhere at any time without restrictions. Ace Change can also send or receive money using cryptocurrencies - for example, you can send Western Union payment using bitcoin while the process will take no more than 5 minutes. Buying or selling cryptocurrencies is also not a problem with us. With us, financial transfers are very simple, you just have to choose the payment method you want to pay and the payment method you want to deliver the money to your recipient. Enjoy the financial freedom, security and transparency that Ace Change offers you!

What is bitcoin remitance? (BMT)

BMT stands for bitcoin money transfer and it is the world’s most advanced technology in the field of finance. We took full advantage of the best features of bitcoin, such as transparency, speed, compatibility, and linked these features to standard fiat names. Ace Change uses bitcoin as a medium for the transfer of standard money, thanks to which we can ensure the transfer of money anywhere in the world faster and more securely than our competitors. At the same time, Ace Change uses BTC as a guarantee that your money is covered, which gives you extra protection, which neither the government nor the bank can guarantee for you. In practice, this means that no matter what unpredictable situation happens in your location, your money is always covered and you have access to it at all times.

What do I need to become an agent?

To become an Acechange agent, you need:
• Smartphone or computer
• Internet connection
• Cryptocurrencies (USDT, BTC) at the value you want to offer the money transfer
• Ace Change account at the agent level

We do not limit our agents in any way. Our agents determine the time when they want to work and the amount in which they will offer their services - already from 100 USD. But we try to limit the number of agents so that our agents receive as many orders as possible and are satisfied with the income that Ace Change will provide them. Therefore, if you are interested in the job, register as soon as possible while there are vacancies in your locality. In addition, we offer our agents legal service and assistance with all the permits needed to legally offer money transfers and the sale or purchase of cryptocurrencies at their location. The average fee for an agent to process a transfer is $ 8, but you set the fee yourself. You can have a stable fee or a fee depending on the amount of the transfer, ie as a percentage. The fee is your profit, which you can pick up immediately after the transfer! This is a big difference from the competition, which usually has a payday only once a month. Our goal is for agents and customers to be as satisfied as possible. We build our system so that each agent has a minimum income of at least $ 2,500 per month. Find out more here.