Acechange will support you on the path to financial independence and will be constantly evolving and innovating to achieve higher and higher profits for its agents.

What do I need to be an agent?

To start a business in Acechange, you need the following:

  • Verified account on at the AGENT level
  • Funds in USDT currency
  • Basic knowledge of the economy and P2P trading, the range of knowledge required can be found here
  • Variety of bank accounts in every bank possible and set up other payment methods, such as PayPal, Moneygram, etc.
  • A smartphone or computer with internet access

Let us explain these points in more detail below

1. Verified account on at AGENT level

A verified account at the AGENT level will give you access to various functions through which you will be able to offer your services when selling or buying cryptocurrencies and when processing financial services. You can register HERE or directly through your dashboard account. To verify, you need a phone number, email, ID card or passport, selfie and invoice with a permanent address not older than 3 months.

2. Funds in USDT currency

These resources are used in the ESCROW function (more about the Escrow function can be found here). You can sell these funds at any time or send them to the wallet of your choice. The amount you start trading is up to you, but of course the higher it is, the more money you make. For example, you will start offering a transfer of 4,000 USDT, but you can start with any deposit amount that you set as your BUSINESS LIMIT. You will most likely process 12 transactions in one day; if you set your minimum fee to $ 10, you will earn $ 120 per day, which is $ 2,400 in 20 business days. Of course, you can process as many transactions as you want every day, because in Acechange we limit only the number of partners, so that our partners get the above average of orders, but also have the space to offer quality and fast services to our customers.

How to get USDT?

You have two options:
- The first and recommended option is to create enough ads to buy cryptocurrencies from customers, so you don't have to buy cryptocurrencies on the stock exchange, and even buying cryptocurrencies will bring you a profit. Because we also offer international transfers, if you create enough ads, you'll often receive this type of order.
- The second option takes advantage of the fact that some exchanges offer USDT for a very small fee, mostly at the level of 0.5%.

3. Basic knowledge of economics and P2P trading

One of the biggest benefits is that Acechange offers its customers support and accompanies them throughout the trading process. Our agents are expected to communicate professionally, promptly and flexibly. Every agent is obliged to maintain communication at a friendly business level. Acechange agents should be constantly trained in the financial rules and restrictions of the location in which they operate and follow the latest trends and practices in the world of business and finance. We believe that the knowledge of agents makes them better and more effective partners who are able to offer their clients fast and good services. For example, an agent has set up 18 ways to receive payments from his customers, including PAYPAL and various bank transfers. The agent will receive a request to purchase the cryptocurrency by bank transfer but knows that today there is a public holiday in the country and will therefore not be able to verify the transaction until the next business day. As part of customer care, as a good Acechange agent, he should alert the client to this fact and offer him an alternative, e.g. PAYPAL transaction.

4. Establishment of various bank accounts and other payment methods

We recommend that each agent opens bank accounts at all banks in the location in which they operate, as well as all other payment methods - such as Revolut, Western Union, Paypal and the like. This will not only allow them to receive money from all their clients immediately, but will also reduce the cost of sending funds to themselves and their clients, as transfers within a single bank or payment method are instant and free.

5. Smartphone or computer with internet access

We recommend that each agent have a separate work facility used to offer their services. Not only will this greatly increase your security, but it will help you keep a better overview of your orders. We recommend our agents to use sufficiently powerful devices with a stable and fast operating system, e.g. APPLE devices.