Our Fees

At Acechange, we value transparency in all our operations, including the methods by which we generate our revenue. Our income stems from fees incurred during the successful execution of transactions. Our aim is to ensure that our clients have a full understanding of all charges associated with their financial operations, thereby contributing to greater trust and customer satisfaction.

Understanding Fees at Acechange.io

The exchange fee charged by Acechange represents our commission for facilitating your transaction. This fee is set to cover a variety of costs associated with providing our services, including, but not limited to, payment processing fees, infrastructure costs, and technological expenses.

It is important to emphasize that the amount of the fees can vary based on several factors:

Payment Method: Different payment methods incur different costs. For example, bank transfers are generally less expensive for us to process compared to alternative methods such as PayPal, which charges a 3.4% fee. Therefore, we recommend using bank transfer methods like SWIFT or SEPA to minimize these fees.

Currency: Fees for transactions under 500 euros are charged as a fixed fee, usually 5 USD. If your transaction is in a currency other than USD, this fixed fee of 5 USD will be converted into your local currency at the current exchange rate.

No hidden fees, our cryptocurrency rates are not manipulated, and you will always receive the current market rate and fees at our platform.
Payment Method Transactions Below 500 USD or Equivalent in the Traded Currency Transactions Exceeding 500 USD or the Equivalent in the Traded Currency
Paypal 3,5% 3,5%
Revolut 5 USD 1,5%
Western Union 10 USD FIX 2,5%
Cash 10 USD FIX 2,5%
Monobank 10 USD FIX 2,5%