Buying crypto

Are you buying or selling cryptocurrency?
Acechange offers you a simple and elegant way.

No hidden fees

In Acechange you always see the full fee before payment. We do not have any unpleasant surprises waiting for you.

Fast processing

With us, you can own your first currencies within a few minutes. You can choose from a variety of payment methods. Acechange is designed so that transmission is always simple and convenient.

Constant customer support

You will be accompanied through the entire transaction process by our partner, who is ONLINE during the entire transaction and will answer you practically immediately. You can contact our partner at any time, whether you are a newcomer or an experienced user of currencies. Our partners will always be happy to advise you and find suitable solutions for you, it's their job.

Purchase currencies without restrictions

You can buy BTC from us anonymously if your transfer is up to $1500. If you are interested in higher amounts, we offer you the option to verify to the silver or gold level, which will unlock the higher limits. Your data is securely encrypted and we guarantee that we will not share it with any third party.



$1,500 every 30 days,
type of verification: e-mail


up to $10,000 every 24 hours,
type of verification - email, ID, phone number


type of verification - email, ID, phone number, invoice, selfie

How to buy Bitcoin

Peer-to-peer trading in 4 easy steps:


Create account

Sign up today — it only takes thirty seconds.


Choose the method of payment and the amount of your purchase

Our system will automatically search and open the order according to the parameters you selected in the previous step. You can also select an agent manually. Our agents are always close to you and ready to offer you fast and professional services. You can filter your order by location, currency, form of payment, etc.



Purchasing currencies:
As soon as the trade is open, all you have to do is to send money to the payment details that you have immediately available. After payment, you only confirm the payment with the ’CONFIRM” button and the transaction is waiting to be processed. Don't worry about delays, 96% of transactions are received and approved within 5 minutes of sending payment.

Selling currencies:
To sell currencies, you must first deposit the cryptocurrency you wish to sell to your Acechange wallet. The previous steps 1 and 2 also apply, with the only difference that before entering the order, you enter the payment details where you want to receive money for the sale of your currencies, such as your bank account. The system will then open the order for you and our agent will send cash to the payment details of your choice. As soon as the agent sends you cash, you will receive a notification and confirmation to your email. In 96% of cases, you have money on your account within 5 minutes



Purchasing currencies:
Once you have paid, just press the button ‘’ CONFIRM ”to confirm that you have sent money to the agent for his payment details. The agent will then release the cryptocurrency into your Acechange wallet in your account. You will see this change in the order and on your balance and you will also receive a confirmation email about the transfer of the cryptocurrency to your wallet. This completes the entire transaction and you can transfer the cryptocurrency to any other wallet at any time.

Selling currencies:
As soon as you receive the money for the payment method of your choice, simply confirm the transaction with the ’CONFIRM” button. This will confirm receipt of money from our agent and the transaction is successfully completed.