Send PayPal in Italy and pick up cash in Tibet?
With us it is possible! Enjoy the money transfer without restrictions!

Why limit yourself?

Need to send money to your family or friends, but the recipient country doesn't support the form of payment you want to use? This is not a problem with us! Thanks to the fact that transactions are guaranteed and received and sent with the help of bitcoin, we can guarantee our customers a very fast and transparent way of transferring money anywhere. For example, with Acechange you can send PayPal and your recipient will receive money from Western Union. With Acechange you can combine payments so that the transfer of money is easy and convenient for you.


Sending money via Acechange is secured via blockchian (bitcoin) technology. Each transaction is guaranteed by bitcoin and confirmed by blockchain, which brings a completely different dimension to the world of remittances - mainly transparency and credibility like nowhere else. We do not sell or share your personal information with any third party.

We are fast

The average processing time of transactions on Acechange is 5 minutes. Acechange has been designed to be fast, flexible and convenient.

How to send money?

Send money fast and cheap? No problem, you can do it with us in four easy steps:


Choose the way you want to pay bitcoin - PayPal, Western Union, your local bank or any other payment method.


Choose the way you want to deliver your money to the recipient. You have a choice of many options, you can choose a payment method that suits your recipient, cash or transfer to an account directly to his bank or whatever, with us you always have a choice. Acechange is always close to you.


Pay. Don't worry, the money will be delivered almost immediately, no unnecessary waiting.


You will receive a notification that the recipient has been sent money and also a confirmation email.

And that is all, enjoy financial freedom without worries!