How to send an anonymous transaction.

AceChange - How to send an anonymous transaction.

How to send an anonymous transaction.


In today's digital world, it is very difficult to maintain privacy. Social networks, AML and KYC laws and the Internet make it easier for hackers, undemocratic states and organized groups to carry out criminal activities successfully. It is a tax we pay for the achievements of the 21st Century. The motivation of the mentioned groups is mainly for the purpose of gaining or maintaining power and control. One of the most important principles of freedom is that everyone has control over their money and the opportunity to freely dispose of their money. Money is a necessity that gives an individual the opportunity to make free choices and satisfy their basic needs. For this reason, it is unacceptable for these resources to be at risk or for anyone else to have access to them.


How to send anonymous money without using cryptocurrencies?


First and foremost, you need to know how much you want to send. The higher the amount of money, the higher the level of control by the control authorities. Another indicator is the area from which you want to send money - each country has different rules. Therefore, it is not possible to answer this question unequivocally, but there are possibilities to significantly increase your privacy when sending money, even with higher amounts. You can find many articles on the Internet that recommend you to use specific services without the use of cryptocurrencies, as an example we have selected only some of them:




… And many others.

Each of these options suffer from one or more risks or disadvantages, which is why we do not recommend using them. Read the details for each of below.


To complete the transaction, you must use a bank account or debit or credit card, which, if in your name, makes it very easy to find the sender of the transaction. If you use a name other than your bank account or debit or credit card when creating your account, Paypal will block your account and you may permanently lose money. Keep in mind that Paypal cares a lot about your account history. Every new account goes for manual review, even when sending small amounts.

+ low fees - frequent blocking of accounts



Although this method is 100% ANONYMOUS, it has shortcomings - it only works in Europe, has high fees and is not suitable for transferring large amounts of money.

+ 100% anonymity

- only works in Europe

- high fees

- time consuming to perform a larger transaction



As with Paypal, Cashapp requires a bank account to complete the transaction, which significantly violates your anonymity. In addition, Cashapp only allows you to send up to $ 250 without verification, which completely nullifies your anonymity.

+ User-friendly

- anonymous shipping for only $ 250

- only works in America

- the need to use a bank account



As you can see in the article above, it is very difficult to carry out a truly anonymous transaction without the use of cryptocurrencies so that your money is 100% safe. If you want to send or receive a large amount of money anonymously, the checks carried out by the relevant control authorities also increase in proportion to the amount. Fortunately, there are ways to help you significantly reduce the risk of third parties blocking your funds. One of the safest is the CASH pick with the help of P2P platforms. In the article below, we will look at this type of transaction, among others.


Absolute anonymity of the transaction

If you want to remain completely anonymous, you cannot use any service that requires AML or KYC. If you do so, your name will be automatically linked to your Bitcoin address and don't worry, stock exchanges are happy to cooperate with the government. Probably the best alternative to centralized exchanges is Acechange and Bisq. Although Bisq is a very good service, it unfortunately has a small trading volume and it takes a long time to understand the system before starting trading. Acechange and Bisq act as peer-to-peer exchanges that allow you to buy and sell Bitcoin using a variety of payment methods and, in the case of Acechange, also offer you a fast anonymous international transfer of your money. AML / KYC, or more specifically Anti-Money Laundering / Know Your Customer, are laws that can be considered ineffective. These laws, firstly, do not prevent any terrorist financing or money laundering, and secondly, they only add enormous regulatory pressure on companies, which are forced to comply with state blackmail institutions, also known as regulatory and supervisory organs.

In reality, the crime is going on, and we can thank the AML / KYC for the high production of a forced and unnecessary paper footprint.


P2P transfer

 This method works with the help of a platform such as ACECHANGE, Bisq and the like. We recommend it mainly because in this type of transaction, only a company that provides escrow services and often does not have access to your funds, is the third party.

There are two ways to mediate P2P cash pick ups

 Method 1

Cash pickup with bitcoin

To carry out this type of transaction, you need to have bitcoin and an account created on a P2P exchange, such as Bisq, Localbitcoin or, of course, ACECHANGE. After logging in to one of the services, you deposit these BTCs on your wallet, then select the trader of your choice in the country and city that suits you and open a trade. You agree on a time and place to hand over the money and confirm the deal. Subsequently, the P2P exchange will lock your BTC, which will be handed over to the merchant, who will hand over the cash for them to you after confirmation of the receipt of the cash by the transaction intermediary. You can perform this type of operation anywhere in the world, with the limit set only by the trader.

It is very important to follow the principles of security - to meet only in public places where larger groups of people stay - such as malls, city squares and the like. If you are receiving money, always request that it be paid to you by BTC and insist that the sender of BTC use the service on the P2P exchange and choose the cash pickup payment method. By purchasing BTC using the cash pickup method, you cancel the possibility of tracing the origin of the transaction. It should also be noted that in some cases, some exchangers require identification from their customer. Especially with cash pickup, the exchanger usually does not require documents, but we recommend that you agree on the conditions before starting the trade.


Method 2

International transfer using BMT (BITCOIN MONEY TRANSFER)

The international transfer is made using BTC. This service is offered by Acechange, a market leader. In addition to cash pickup, you also have the option to send or receive a transaction using Western Union, Moneygram, bank transfer and many other services. In practice - if you want to receive or send money anonymously, you always have to choose the cash pickup payment method, while the use of international transfer method using our system will ensure the anonymity of the recipient or sender. If you want to send money to your friends bank account and you want to remain anonymous, all you have to do is to choose the cash pickup sending method and then choose the delivery method you want, for example bank transfer. Because the sender will be Acechange AGENT and the money has been received using the cash pickup service, your data will not be associated in any way with the transaction. The bank will only see that the money was sent by our AGENT.

If you want to receive money anonymously, all you have to do is to choose the cash pickup method to receive the money and choose the payment method that suits your sender of the transaction to pay. Acechange has a database of over 6000 payment methods, which are sorted by country, so your sender will definitely find a suitable method. You can use this method of transaction in other ways, for example sending Paypal and receiving Western Union. This way you can combine different payment methods from more than 200 countries.

Each transaction made through Acechange passes through at least 2 to 4 payment methods and at least 4 people through more than 2 countries, thus significantly increasing your security and anonymity. It usually takes up to 30 minutes to process a transaction, and you can choose the most convenient payment method. This way of processing transactions can be used anywhere and anytime, the whole system is easy to use and intuitive.

The only restrictions you may encounter are agents that may not be available in every country. If you do not find your country in the list, it means that no agent (transaction broker) provides our services in your country yet. This may be a chance for you - to work as an agent. By being the first, your account will have the best history and you will have minimal competition. Acechange is actively creating a worldwide network of merchants and devotes considerable resources to creating a strong community of agents, which means that new countries and new payment methods are increasing every day.


How to Anonymize Your BTC.

1.   RULE

Never use the same Bitcoin address twice! Ever!

Using one Bitcoin address twice in a row is a huge risk leading to possible privacy and security breaches., If you use the same address repeatedly, it is easier for companies that provide blockchain analysis to track you (and who you are transacting with) with a heuristic method and then deanonymize you. Therefore, the basic practice should be a constant exchange of addresses. You should also not send Bitcoin to the same address twice.

Fortunately, today, thanks to the technological conveniences of modern wallets, it is no longer complicated. Many of the available wallets are so-called hierarchically deterministic, which means that the user can generate any number of addresses without having to change the wallet master password (seed). However, the vast majority of today's wallets still use SPV technology, which means that they cannot be considered immune to potential attacks.


2.   RULE

Never use wallets using Bloom filters (BIP 37)!

The definition of Bloom filters is as follows: Bloom filters are used primarily by SPV clients so that they require only matching transactions and blocks coming from full nodes.

But why does it matter if you use an SPV wallet with implemented Bloom filters? Bloom filters were created for safety, weren't they? Yes, but their real application comes with several system shortcomings.

For those who would really like to go into detail, we recommend this PDF document.

We will summarize here only a few main points. In the aforementioned “Breaking Bitcoin SPV” analysis, the author describes that a potential attacker on an SPV wallet could:

Imitate full node Block SPV requests

Imitate SPV applications

Identify SPV applications

Block SPV responses

All the vulnerabilities mentioned are based on the simple fact that SPV wallets do not use all the "power" of blockchain technology. During transactions, SPV systems do not require verification of the entire blockchain, but only verify the transaction code header, which opens the door for attackers.

You should know that the often recommended Electrum wallet is also of the SPV type and uses Bloom filters, which of course partially compromises your security. However, you can minimize these risks by using Electrum in conjunction with your own Bitcoin or Electrum server, especially if it then runs under the auspices of a hidden service using Tor.


1.   RULE

Always use a VPN service!

We have a good experience with NordVPN. It does not log any information about you and it has many servers to which it will automatically connect to ensure your security. It allows you to connect to up to 6 devices, including mobile phones. At a price of USD 3 (payment also in crypto) per month, we rate it as the best in the price / performance ratio.

VPN not only ensures anonymity, but you can choose a server of any country, and pretend to be right there. This way you can, for example, watch the American Netflix or BBC, or bypass the Chinese firewall, etc.

However, NordVPN is not the only service you can use to achieve anonymous online movement. You can choose from many others, but they are often more expensive and we have not tested them in the Slovak environment. They are I2P, Bitmessage, Zeronet, Freenet or Torguard.

So - always connect to the Internet using these network applications and use the best Tor Browser as your browser.


How can an Internet attack on your privacy occur?

 In the next section, we'll look at ways in which hackers can identify you and then compromise your security.

First of all, it should be noted that the following procedures are based on Jonas Nick's presentation on the topic of Internet anonymity and Bitcoin - "Bitcoin Privacy in Theory and Practice".


Practical advice on how to use bitcoin:

• Use your own Bitcoin full-node, thus sending and verifying all your transactions.

• Use your Bitcoin full-node only under the auspices of the Tor hidden service.

• Use the Wasabi wallet on a desktop or laptop computer and Samourai on mobile phone. Learn to use all their features.

• Use a Cold Card as your hardware wallet.

• Never buy cryptocurrencies on an exchange that wants you to register through AML / KYC. Buy and sell Bitcoin with cash.

• Keep the fact that you own Bitcoin to yourself. Never talk about how many cryptocurrencies you own on social media and especially not under your real name!

• Follow all computer security policies.

• Mix your cryptocurrencies using services such as CoinJoin or other “tumblers”. This will erase the connection between you and the UTXO transaction, eliminating a possible heuristic trace.

• Practice Coin Control thoroughly

Be careful when using cryptocurrency mixers and tumblers!

It is better to avoid using Bitcoin with centralized mixers or "tumblers".

There are many services on the Internet that claim to be absolutely reliable cryptocurrency mixers. Some are total frauds, others are reliable, but for a fee, others "only" selectively cheat some of their customers. Remember that we can never fully trust any of these services. Even if they don't snatch you straight while using, you never know what's going on during the whole process. No one can guarantee that your transactions have been mixed really thoroughly. In addition, some of these services may directly serve to deanonymize your person.

Overall, we can say that by using mixing services you are exposed to an enormous risk.

However, due to the ingenuity of Bitcoin developers, we are offered the opportunity to use one of the safer techniques called Coinjoins.



In short, always follow the above stated basic rules of protection. Never use exchanges that demand AML or KYC to anonymize your BTC. Use CoinJoin. To buy or sell Bitcoin, use the Cash pickup method on P2P platforms, ideally on decentralized ones. Always use a VPN.

Remember that blockchain is a public ledger and it is enough for an attacker to link your address to your name which gives them 100% evidence that it was you who made the transaction. It is naive to think they will not go after you. You never know what laws are being prepared – as it happened in 2018, when all users registered on Coinbase received a letter from the government to pay a tax on the cryptocurrencies.

But that's just one of the reasons to use anonymous transactions. Learn more in this article.

Anonymity will cost you a little more effort and you may pay a few dollars more, but it's worth it.


We will be extremely grateful if you share this important information further.