Acechange will support you on the path to financial independence and will be constantly evolving and innovating to achieve higher and higher profits for its agents.

What do I need to be an agent?

To start a business in Acechange, you need the following:

  • Funds in USDT currency
  • Bank account and some payment methods such as PAYPAL and the like. It's up to you how many payment methods you decide to start with.
  • A smartphone or computer with internet access

Start your own money transfer and exchange business and earn money. Find out more below

1. What will your job be?

Your job will be receiving ad sending transactions from customers who want to send or receive money from abroad, or who are interested in using our other of service - buying and selling bitcoin. For you, this means the same job - you always only receive or send money to the customer. You get a commission for every transaction.

2. How much can I earn?

This depends on a number of things, for example, what fee you chose, how much USDT you deposited to your trade limit, and so on. Example: your fee is 2%, you deposited 5000 USDT to your trade limit, which you processed in 1 day. This means that your net profit for one day is 100 USDT. You can have this trading volume even if your trade limit is only 500 USDT. Simply, every time you spend it, you re-deposit USDT, which you resell or buy from customers. This is just a model example. We work with agents who have been on the market longer and have built up a good clientele and process even 1M USDT daily. The more payment methods you support and the higher your trade limit, the more money you earn.

3. How does it work?

a) Create your ads You create ads on your profile and choose the payment method you want to receive or send money to customers. For example, you set that you want to use your HSBC bank account in Australia. In the form, you enter your account number and all the necessary data so that the customer knows where to send the money.
b) Deposit USDT You deposit USDT to your Acechange wallet. Whether you want to process transactions up to 500 USDT or 100,000 USD is your decision. You will confirm this money as your trade limit, which will be used as ESCROW (collateral) when payments are processed. You can withdraw this money at any time.
c) Transaction processing If you have already completed these steps, you will start receiving offers for trades that you may or may not accept. It is up to you whether you decide to accept the trade offer. You work when you want and you can also cancel trading at any time.

4. Tips and tricks

Marketing: It is a good idea to create local groups on social networks - Facebook, Twitter, etc... If you create a group in the format ( and acquire at least 3000 users, you can apply for VIP agent status and you will earn a monthly salary for profile administration. Subsequently, it is appropriate to add and post in local groups about currencies and other groups about the fact that you offer remittance services and buying and selling currencies.

5.Payment methods

It is up to you, how many payment methods and banks you decide to offer, but over time you will find that the more you have, the more customers you will get and the more satisfied your clients will be. In Acechange, payment methods are not searched according to their type (e.g. SEPA, PayID, SWIFT, etc.), but according to the name of the bank. This is mainly so that the customer can choose a bank in which he has an account, which saves time and processing fees and the transfer is always immediate.

6.Be online

Try to be logged into your profile as often as possible. The system is set up so that agents who are online will receive a notification about the trade offer earlier. The faster and more orders you accept, the higher you progress in the ranking and in the display on our platform, and your ranking grows.

7. Office or shop

If you own an office or a local store, such as groceries or general merchandise, it's a good idea to offer and expand your services with Acechange services as well. You will attract more customers and our data shows that 76% of customers are loyal and return regularly. This way, you will get more clients and a new business for you. If you reach a trading volume of more than 100,000 euros for 2 consecutive months, you can apply for VIP agent status and we will help you promote your operation.